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Reasons to TRUST US

Invariably New

Our products are always freshly produced in small batches for quality and extended shelf life.

Zero Adulteration

Cosmetic Pharmacy strictly ensures no adulteration in products, preserving component quality.

Full Disclosure

We provide complete product information on packaging, including manufacturing and expiry dates, for customer confidence.

Suitable Sizes

We specialize in customizable orders, offering suitable sizes in unit or bulk packaging.

Safe Packaging

Our cost-effective, high-grade packaging ensures safe delivery with no formulation deterioration.

Easy Return

A customer-friendly refund policy accepts returns for unopened, original packaging.

Natural Sustainable Pro

Our products, of natural origin, sustain for long shelf life.

Cruelty Free Products

We prioritize animal rights and welfare by not testing on animals.

Our best selling products

Dehydroacetic acid is an inorg

 400 750

 950 3000

 1500 6500

BRB 2835, also known as Cetyl

 900 4000

Polyquaternium-10 is a cosmeti

 800 5000

Mulathi powder, is sometimes a

 300 1100

Hibiscus powder is commonly us

 500 2500

Benzyl alcohol is frequently u

 1500 2500

 600 1800

Cetearyl alcohol, a blend of c

 500 1800

 400 1300
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